Grains Research & Development Corporation (GRDC): Request for Tender – Using soil and plant testing data to better inform nutrient management and optimise fertiliser investments for grain growers in the southern region (PROC-9175589).

The GRDC seeks to provide grain growers in the GRDC Southern region with evidence of the usefulness and economic value of well-informed fertiliser decisions, to influence their attitudes and motivation to adopt improved nutrient management techniques. This will be achieved by working directly with growers, FERTCARE accredited advisors and industry across the southern region to demonstrate the process and benefits of soil and plant testing, and improved crop nutrition advice across two seasons.

An economic framework will be developed to quantify the likely returns from improved nutrient management techniques and the opportunity to boost farm profit, and these findings will be extended to other growers not directly involved in the demonstration program. The large numbers of soil profile analyses collected by the demonstration program (about 7,000 p.a.) will also provide a useful snapshot of nutrient status and soil fertility in these states, and could be used to highlight emerging issues like soil acidity and declining organic matter.


A GRDC budget of up to $1.95M is indicated for this investment dependent upon the quality of the application, expected delivery of outputs and outcomes, and the ability to leverage GRDC funds through co-contributions from partners.


Please refer to the Eligibility Criteria on the GRDC website

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