Arthritis Research UK (and other co-funders): Connect Immune Research 2018

Arthritis Research UK, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and Multiple Sclerosis Society invite applications for their connect immune research call. This enables researchers to identify and develop research questions that can be tackled most effectively by collaborating across different conditions, and set out how these questions may be answered. Applications should have a UK focus and address the following challenges:

  • immunological tolerance;
  • environmental impact on genetic predisposition;
  • common mechanisms shared across immune conditions;
  • toolkits, technologies and platforms;
  • therapeutics – translational perspectives.

Funding & Duration

Funding is available at up to £150,000 (approx AUD $275,000) over up to 18 months.


Teams affiliated to a university, hospital or recognised research institution in the UK may apply. The lead applicant must have an internationally competitive track record and experience of leading collaborative research. Applications from researchers involved in immune condition research other than arthritis, type 1 diabetes and MS are welcomed. Collaboration with international and industrial partners are encouraged.

Submission Requirements & Due Date

Further Information

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