Volkswagen Foundation: World knowledge – Structural Support for Rare Subjects

The Volkswagen Foundation invites applications for its call on world knowledge – structural support for rare subjects. This supports projects in rare subjects that either enable strategically oriented concepts and develop international networks or innovative measures of communication between researchers and the public. The call is divided into two funding lines:

  • Funding line 1 – strategic concepts, supporting projects that develop cross-institutional international networks through teaching collaborations, guest lectures, networking activities or staff positions, with grants worth up to €1 million (approx AUD $1.6M);
  • Funding line 2 – ideas competition, supporting innovative measures of communication, with grants worth up to €100,000 (approx AUD $159,000)


Tenured professors of rare subjects may apply, together with either representatives of the respective university management under funding line 1, or together with professors, postdocs or other staff of institutes under funding line 2. Substantial cooperation with researchers or research institutions in Germany are prerequisite.

Submission Requirements & Due Date

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