National Science Week & Australian Science Communicators: Unsung Heroes of South Australian Science 2018

Nominations are now open for the Unsung Hero of South Australian Science and the Unsung Hero of South Australian Science Communication awards.

This award honours a person or persons who exemplifies the aims and objectives of National Science Week and Australian Science Communicators SA.


Nominees must reside in South Australia, actively engage in science research, scientific methodology or practice, and have made a significant contribution to and impact on the scientific life of South Australia.

While nominees should have shown respect for science communication, this award recognises science practitioners in areas other than teaching and communication. Nominees should be a person or persons who have not yet received significant recognition for their contribution to science.

The following are ineligible for this award:

  1. Well known or popular scientists
  2. Professors and Associate Professors
  3. Winners of major state, national or international science awards
  4. Principal or chief investigators on Category 1 national academic grants during the past ten years
  5. Recipients of ARC awards

Value of the Award

Ideally, the award may assist the recipient in their work, for example by publicising a difficult issue, or to focus attention on their efforts, or give their work greater credibility.

Submission Requirements & Due Date

Applications are submitted directly to the Sponsor by 1 June 2018.

If you decide submit a nomination for this award, please contact Dale Godfrey.

Prior to submission, nominees are advised to ensure their University of Adelaide Researcher Profile page is up to date.

Further Information

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