US Department of Defense Research Projects Agency: Defence Sciences Office-Wide Grants 2018

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency invites applications for its Defense Sciences Office (DSO) office-wide broad agency scheme.

This mechanism supports innovative basic or applied research concepts that explore physical and natural systems, human-machine and social systems, or maths and computational systems.

Funding & Duration

Individual awards for phase 1 only are worth up to USD $150,000 (approx AUD $195,000) . Phase 2 awards are worth up to USD $550,000 (approx AUD $715,000) for procurement contracts and up to USD 850,000 (approx AUD $1.1M)  for grants, cooperative agreements, and other transactions.

The periods of performance for these phases are approximately three to six months for phase 1 and 12 to 15 months for phase 2. Multiple awards are anticipated.


US and foreign organisations or individuals may apply.

Proposals must investigate innovative approaches that enable revolutionary advances. Approaches or technologies that primarily result in evolutionary improvements to the existing state of practice will not be considered. Proposals must address two independent and sequential project phases: phase 1 for a feasibility study; and phase 2 for a proof of concept.

Submission Requirements & Due Dates

Further Information

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