Arthritis Australia: Overseas Awards 2019

Arthritis Australia provides two overseas awards:

The Ken Muirden Overseas Training Fellowship

Award Amount: AUD $100,000

The Ken Muirden Overseas Training Fellowship is designed to give a rheumatologist who is about to or has completed advanced training in rheumatology within the last two years an opportunity to undertake further clinical or research training overseas in an approved institution in any country.

The Leanne Stafford Award

Award Amount: AUD $500,000

The Leanne Stafford Award is to support a young Australian rheumatologist or Australian graduate in the pursuit of a year of research or clinical experience in an interstate or overseas institute. To be eligible, the candidate must be a rheumatologist who has completed their advanced training within the preceding five (5) years or an advanced trainee with one more non-core year to complete.

Submission Requirements & Due Date

  • Applications must be submitted for internal review by 29 June 2018
  • Please email prior to submitting and application.

Further Information

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