Volkswagen Foundation: Life – a Fresh Scientific Approach to the Basic Principles of Life

The Volkswagen Foundation invites applications for its funding scheme life – a fresh scientific approach to the basic principles of life. This supports projects that contribute to comprehending fundamental principles of life and link up most recent research from the interface between the natural and life sciences with the attempt to answer fundamental questions on life itself.

Among others, the foundation will consider approaches from synthetic biology, systems or cell biology, xenobiology, biophysics or prebiotic chemistry and similar research areas. The main focus of the proposals should be to connect excellent research in the natural and life sciences with the aim to reveal fundamental characteristics of life.

Funding & Duration

Up to 10 grants worth up to €1.5 million each (approx AUD $2.4M), over a period of up to five years, are available.


Individual researchers as well as integrative joint projects with up to five cooperation partners are eligible for funding.

At least one of the applicants must be employed at a scientific institution in Germany.

Submission Requirements & Due Date

Further Information

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