Fisheries Scientific Committee (FSC): Student Research Grants Round 2018-19

The Fisheries Scientific Committee (FSC) is now accepting applications for the 2018-19 Student Research Grants Round.

Grants are aimed at filling gaps in research information for threatened or potentially threatened species of fish and marine vegetation in NSW. The grants are intended for use by undergraduate 3rd year major project students, or as part of an Honours, Masters or PhD project.

The FSC assesses nominations for the listing (or de-listing) of threatened species, populations and ecological communities of fish and marine vegetation in NSW, and their key threatening processes. This task relies on the availability of up-to-date scientific data on species distribution, abundance, habitat and ecology.

Projects funded through the Student Research Grants provide the FSC with information on threatened aquatic species and communities to help support their listing, conservation and management. This information also assists in managing species recovery through initiatives undertaken by NSW Department of Primary Industries.

Funding & Duration

The FSC has available $3,000 to fund 1-2 student projects.


Grants will not be issued for work on common or introduced species or to students applying from institutions outside Australia.

Please refer to the Research Priorities [PDF] for further details.

Submission Requirements & Due Date

Further Information

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