Impact7 – Connect with mentors and peers to help your research make a real impact

IMPACT7 is a one-day event showcasing Australia’s homegrown, research-based innovation. This research strives to lead Australia towards a future free of poverty and disease, ensuring generations to come can continue to have an abundance of food and thrive in a secure, natural environment.

Event Details

When: Thursday, 9 August 2018, 8:30am-5:30pm.
Where: The Carson Conference, Centre (ANMF), 535 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne

Why Apply?

As a successful applicant you will have three minutes to tell your story. What are you researching and why? Why does the world need to know? What impact will your research have? Being part of IMPACT7 will help you amplify your research!

  • Receive meaningful feedback and guidance from potential collaborators, customers, partners, mentors and investors
  • Ask the universe and IMPACT7’s influential audience of curious and passionate people from industry, government, for-purpose organisations and media figures for what you need – whether that be towards partnerships, commercialisation, investment, or expansion
  • Gain valuable experience as you learn to share your message with a wider audience
  • Apply for complimentary travel to and from Melbourne with IMPACT7 Travel Grants
  • Entry is quick and free

If selected, you’ll be supported to present with a tailored workshop, ‘PitchCamp – powered by ON’, helping you hone your 3 minutes to make the greatest possible impact. PitchCamp will be held on Wednesday 8 August 2018, the day before IMPACT7, in Melbourne. Your travel grant will cover access to and attendance at the workshop.

Impact7 Categories

The Future of Work

Australia will be the home of the best industries in the world. Consistently improving productivity, sustainability, and reshaping the experience of work will bring us closer to the industries of the future.

Security in Our World

Australia and our neighbours could be a safe haven from threats such as pandemics, cultural erosion, or terrorism.

Protecting Our Environment

In an increasingly volatile climate, what can we do to preserve habitats, mitigate natural disasters, or cool the planet?

Powering Our Future

We don’t need to beggar our planet to power our lives. What are the amazing sustainable energy alternatives?

Food Security and Quality

Will our grandchildren’s kids still have bananas to eat for breakfast? Imagine if pests were a thing of the past, crops could flourish in the Nullarbor, or produce never went bad.

Health and Wellbeing

Whether through new potions, ways to play, or prevention – how can we beat the thieves that rob us of full lives?


Does outer space, or Indigenous culture, or exploring microscopic organisms hold the answers to our wicked problems?

Who Can Apply?

Researchers, innovators, teams and startups are invited to apply for IMPACT7 2018. There is no charge to apply or present.

Application Dates & Submission Details

Simply complete this application form.

Applications are open until Friday 1 June 2018.

Further Information

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