John Templeton Foundation: Small and Large Grants 2018

The John Templeton Foundation invites applications to support research in the foundation’s core areas.

These are:

  • science and the big questions, including natural sciences, human sciences, philosophy and theology and public engagement;
  • character virtue development;
  • individual freedom and free markets;
  • exceptional cognitive talent and genius;
  • genetics;
  • voluntary family planning.

Funding & Duration

The Foundation offers both small and large grants:

  • Small Grants are offered at USD $234,800 (approx. AUD $310,000) or less.
  • Large Grants are offered above USD $234,800 (approx. AUD $310,000)


Charitable entities based worldwide may apply.

On rare occasions the Foundation may support individuals and for-profit companies doing charitable work.

Submission Requirements & Due Date

Further Information

Need Help?

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