American Heart Association / Allen: Initiative in Brain Health and Cognitive Impairment 2018

This scheme supports transformative research to move brain health and cognitive impairment science forward.

The following themes are prioritised:

  • the neurovascular unit in relation to cognitive function;
  • proteostasis in relation to cognitive function;
  • inflammation in vascular and neural systems in relation to ageing or cognitive function;
  • role of astrocytes and microglia and their effects on cognitive function;
  • DNA repair and epigenetic ageing mechanisms in vascular and neural systems.

Funding & Duration

The total budget is USD $43M (approx. AUD $57M). One or more grants, worth a minimum of USD $15M (approx. AUD $19.8M) for eight years, are available.


Applications must be submitted by an integrative team with diverse skills to cover one or more of the prioritised topics.

The PI must have a PhD, MD or equivalent and must be based at a non-profit institution. US federal government employees are not eligible.

Submission Requirements & Due Dates

Further Information

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