AusBiotech and Johnson & Johnson 2018 Industry Excellence Awards

Each year, the Johnson & Johnson Innovation Industry Excellence Awards are presented at the AusBiotech national conference to recognise the highest achievers in the Australian life sciences. From researchers who successfully translate their discoveries to clinical practice, to companies who pioneer the developments of new treatments and reliable diagnostics, these prestigious Awards recognise the leading lights of Australia’s world-class biotechnology, medical technology and healthcare sectors.

Nominations are open until Friday 28 September 2018 in the following categories:

Industry Leadership Award

This award seeks candidates who have already made a significant difference to the industry and have an outstanding commitment to life sciences/biotechnology that often goes beyond the ‘job description’. Candidates will be known for their passion, enthusiasm and commitment to the industry in Australia.

Australian Company of the Year

The Australian Company of the Year will be awarded to a company that has demonstrated significant achievement/s, and may include any company working in biotechnology or life sciences, including but not limited to the medical diagnostics or devices, pharmaceutical and agricultural biotechnology sectors. Criteria for companies may include deals done, product pipeline, IP, company strategy and/or revenue.

Australian Emerging Company of the Year

The Emerging Company of the Year award will be based on the same criteria as the previous category, but be specific to companies under five years of age.

Nomination Process

Nominations of up to 400 words are invited, outlining why the nominated individual/company should be awarded a Johnson & Johnson Innovation 2018 Industry Excellence Award, according to the applicable category and criteria. All applicants must be headquartered in Australia. Organisations with existing commercial interests owned by Johnson & Johnson or subsidiaries of Johnson & Johnson are not eligible. Staff/Board members and their associated organisations of Johnson & Johnson and AusBiotech are not eligible.

Please forward your nomination to the Events Team at / 03 9828 1400 or contact the Sponsor if you have any queries.

  • Nominations must be submitted to the Sponsor by 28 September 2018.
  • If you decide to apply for an award, please contact Dale Godfrey.
  • Prior to submission please ensure that your University of Adelaide Researcher Profile page is up to date.

Further Information

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