Bureau of Meteorology: Request for Tender – Provision of Hydrological Scientific Services

Within broad guidelines, the responsibilities of this role include:

  1. Participate in activities aimed at:
    • Running ensembles of climate data through AWRA-L and other hydrological models for assessing the impact of climate change on the water cycle
    • Calculating, analysing and understanding climate induced changes to hydrological indicators
    • Developing methods to communicate climate change impacts and the associated uncertainties
    • Running deterministic and ensemble landscape hydrological forecasts
    • Evaluating forecasting skill including the role of initial conditions
    • Setting up an operational multi-variate assimilation capability
    • Evaluating the impact of assimilation on forecast skill
    • Calibrating, evaluating and running hydrological models including the national AWRA-L model
    • Creation of new automated analysis routines using scripting and coding languages in Python.
  2. As required, represent the Bureau on committees and groups dealing with water resources data analysis, forecasting, climate change and reporting issues. Liaise with both internal and external stakeholders and work collaboratively with other groups on joint tasks.
  3. Carry out other duties within the Bureau as required.
  4. Ensure that plans, policies and practices in relation to the various elements of the Bureau’s Social Justice Strategy are applied in the work area, and that training and development programs are implemented for work area staff.

Tender No. & Further Information

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Delivery Timeframe

  • August 2018 – July 2020

Closing Date & Time

  • 3 July 2018 – South Australian Time – 1:30pm

Need Help with a Submission?

  • Please contact Valerie Morris, Business Partnership Manager (Health & Sciences) for assistance.
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