Department of the Environment and Energy: Request for Tender – Geotechnical Services and Advice

Requested services for this tender include:

  • evaluation of mining related applications, plans and reports from a geotechnical perspective;
  • participation in site inspections, workshops, meetings and technical forums as a geotechnical specialist on behalf of the Department; and
  • provision of formal assessment reports and ad hoc advice on a range of geotechnical matters.

The services above will be related to mining activities at the Ranger uranium mine, including:

  • tailings management practices and proposals, including tailings dredging, in-pit tailings deposition and accelerated tailings consolidation;
  • tailings consolidation modelling, physical properties testing and monitoring programs;
  • pit geotechnical evaluations and risk assessments;
  • bulk backfill of mined out pits;
  • built structures evaluation such as tailings and water storage dams and the risks associated with potential modifications or remediation activities; and
  • other mining and mine rehabilitation related activities as required.

Tender No. & Further Information

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Delivery Timeframe

The Agreement for the Supplies is expected to commence in August 2018 and conclude in August 2021 with an option for the Department to extend the Agreement for a further 2 years.

Closing Date & Time

  • 19 July 2018 2:00 pm (ACT Local Time).

Need Help?

  • Please contact Paul Arthur, Business Partnership Manager (ECMS, Arts & Professions) for assistance with a submission.
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