Atomwise AIMS Award – a New Award to Assist Drug Candidate Screening Using AI

The goal of the Atomwise AIMS award program is to broaden the pool of scientists involved in the discovery of small molecules for the treatment and investigation of human diseases.

To advance this goal, Atomwise seeks proposals from innovative university scientists to receive 72 potential medicines, generated specifically for their research by artificial intelligence.

Value of the Award

For successful AIMS recipients, Atomwise identifies molecules, purchases the molecules, preps them for the researchers assays (standard prep is 1 mg dissolved in DMSO to a concentration of 10 mM), tests them for purity, and ships them to the researcher – all of these costs are covered by Atomwise.

Each party retains their own IP, so there is no hidden complication.  Where the rights for a molecule identified is owned by a third party, the University will be responsible for negotiating access rights to use this molecule.

Submit a Proposal

Requests for proposals for the current round of support are open until 7 September.

If you are looking for support in drug candidate screening, please consider submitting a proposal to the AIMS program for assistance.

To discuss your proposal, please contact Adelaide Enterprise:
T +61 8318 3480

Further Information

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