US Agency for International Development: Environment Partnerships Programme 2018

The US Agency for International Development invites concept notes for its environment partnerships programme. This supports collaborations that tackle development challenges using an approach that can be replicated and sustained, leading to measurable improvements in development outcomes. Projects should have potential to achieve significant development outcomes compared to existing alternatives. The programme is open to a wide range of partnership approaches, whether locally financed and implemented or otherwise, in order to achieve its development objectives

Funding & Duration

Multiple awards are available for projects worth up to USD $100M (approx. AUD $135.08M) at 50 percent of eligible project costs. Implementing partners may provide the leveraging themselves, or must secure private sector funding.


Partnerships proposals that involve strengthening management of protected areas will be pursued for Salonga Park and Okapi Reserve and other partnerships opportunities will be prioritised geographically to build upon past landscape investments of the Central Africa Regional Program for the Environment when possible.

Two types of partners are eligible to apply:

  • resource partners that are US and non-US private sector businesses, foundations, financial institutions, entrepreneurs, investors, philanthropists and others who can identify and suggest ways to use their financial or other resources to collaborate with USAID/DRC. Resource Partners can also be public sector (e.g., other bilateral or multilateral donors), and
  • implementing partners that are US and non-US non-governmental, private sector entities, either for-profit or non-profit, that can engage and work with resource partners.

Submission Requirements & Due Date

Further Information

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