Wellcome Trust India Alliance: Intermediate Fellowships 2018

The Wellcome Trust’s India Alliance and the Indian Department of Biotechnology invites preliminary applications for their intermediate fellowships. These enable scientists to undertake research and establish themselves as independent researchers in an academic institution in India.

The proposed research should fall within the India Alliance’s remit which is to support biomedical research that is relevant to human and animal welfare.

Funding & Duration

Fellowships are tenable for five years and provide personal support, research expenses, including research assistance, and additional travel allowances.


Basic science and veterinary researchers with four to 15 years of post-PhD research experience may apply. Typically applicants should have a PhD or equivalent clinical or public health research experience, between four and seven years of postdoctoral research experience and a track record in pursuing innovative research.

Applicants are advised to choose the most appropriate scheme suitable for them based on their qualifications, research experience, career trajectory and track record. Host institutions must be non-profit and financially eligible to receive India Alliance funding and have key research integrity policies in place.

Submission Requirements & Due Date

Further Information

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