Harry J Lloyd Charitable Trust: Melanoma Research Grants 2018

The Harry J Lloyd Charitable Trust invites applications for its research grants. These support melanoma research. Special consideration is given to projects which involve emerging novel concepts that constitute significant innovation, new investigators in the field of melanoma, and prevention and early detection. Three types of grants are available:

  • early career – to support promising young melanoma investigators;
  • basic science – to gain new biological insights into melanoma development or progression;
  • translational research – to fund clinically important melanoma research.

Funding & Duration

With a special focus on screening and prevention, most individual grants do not exceed USD $125,000 (approx. AUD $ per year).


Applications are accepted from non-profit organisations worldwide. Institutions may submit one application for each grant type.

Please refer to the Application Guidelines for details.

Submission Requirements & Due Date

Please note: only one application per institution in each of the three grant categories will be funded.

As such, please email an Expression of Interest (EOI) to Research Services by 5 October 2018

Your email should contain:

  • Name of Chief Investigator
  • Summary of intended research project
  • A copy of Chief Investigator’s CV
  • Benefits the project will bring to the Chief Investigator/researchers involved.
  • Benefits the project will bring to the University.

EOI’s may be emailed to

Full-applications will be invited from a short list.

Further Information

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