Toyota Foundation: Research Grants Program 2018 “Exploring New Values for Society”

The main topic of Research Grant Program 2018, titled “Exploring New Values for Society”, supports ambitious projects that adopt a panoramic view of the world and look generations into the future in order to seek new values for society by fundamentally exploring novel philosophies and arts to address difficult issues to be faced by future society; issues that are on a global scale; issues that transcend generations; and nascent problems that will only fully manifest themselves in the future.

Funding & Duration

Grants will be awarded at up to  ¥ 8M (approx. AUD $97,000) per project.

The length of the project will be 2 years, commending 1 May 2019.


Project representatives for whom grants are awarded must be 45 years old or under on the day of the beginning of the grant.

No limitations are placed with regard to the nationality or place of residence of the project representative or participants; nor is there any restriction with regard to the candidate’s affiliation (or lack thereof) with a university, research institute, NPO/NGO, or other organisation.

Submission Requirements & Due Date

Further Information

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