Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research: Using Epidemiological Datasets to Identify Risk and Protective Factors for Parkinson’s Disease 2018

The Michael J Fox Foundation invites applications for its using epidemiological datasets to identify risk and protective factors for Parkinson’s disease funding opportunity. This supports the analysis of large epidemiological datasets to identify pharmacological interventions or lifestyle factors, such as diet and exercise, which are associated with reduced risk of Parkinson’s disease. The aim is to identify factors that could be used to develop prevention or treatment approaches. Projects that use large longitudinal datasets and collaborative efforts that bring together teams of investigators with access to multiple diverse datasets are of particular interest. Studies that require additional or prospective data collection are not eligible.

Funding & Duration

Grants are worth up to USD $500,000 each (approx. AUD $135,000 and $676,000) over one to two years.


Researchers or clinicians based in US and non-US biotechnology or pharmaceutical companies and public or private non-profit and for-profit entities may apply. Postdoctoral fellows are not eligible to apply as principal investigators. Industry and academic collaborations are encouraged.

Submission Requirements & Due Dates

Further Information

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