US Department of Defense: Accelerating Innovation in Military Medicine Research Award

The US Department of Defense invites pre-applications for its accelerating innovation in military medicine research award. This supports highly creative and conceptually innovative high-risk research with the potential to accelerate critical discoveries or major advancements that will significantly impact military health and medicine.

Proposals must involve applied research that is relevant to at least one of the following areas:

  • medical simulation and information sciences;
  • military infectious diseases;
  • military operational medicine;
  • combat casualty care;
  • radiation health effects;
  • clinical and rehabilitative medicine.

Applications using synthetic or systems biology-based approaches are highly encouraged.

Funding & Duration

Awards are worth up to USD $350,000 (approx. AUD $481,000) each for a maximum period of 18 months.


Non-domestic (non-U.S.) Entities (Foreign Institutions) are eligible to apply.

Submission Requirements & Due Dates

Further Information

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