US Department of Energy: Innovative Design Concepts for Standard Modular Hydropower and Pumped-Storage Hydropower

The US Department of Energy invites concept papers for its innovative design concepts for standard modular hydropower and pumped-storage hydropower funding opportunity. This supports research on design concepts for new standard modular hydropower systems and new use cases for pumped-storage hydropower that can improve electricity system reliability, resilience, and economics.

Applications may be submitted under two topic areas:

  • facility design concepts for standard modular hydropower development, for proposals that aim to stimulate innovative designs for small, low-head hydropower facilities capable of lowering the capital costs and reducing the environmental impacts of development at new stream-reaches;
  • new use cases for pumped-storage hydropower, for proposals that aim to develop innovative technology;
  • concepts, analysis or enhanced modelling capabilities that define a new, updated role for pumped storage in the evolving electricity system in the US.

Funding & Duration

Up to 14 awards, worth between USD $500,000 and $1.25M (approx. AUD $688,000 and $1.72M)  each, are available for up to two years. At least 20 percent of total allowable costs must be from non-federal sources.


US and foreign entities may apply independently or form a consortium. If non-US entities wish to apply as prime recipients and do not designate a US subsidiary or affiliate, they must explicitly request a waiver of this requirement in the application.

Submission Requirements & Due Dates

Further Information

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