Melanoma Research Alliance: Young Investigator Awards

The Melanoma Research Alliance invites proposals for its young investigator awards. These support translational science in melanoma research.

Areas of specific interest are:

  • identifying strategies to overcome resistance, treatment failure, or difficult-to-treat melanoma subtypes;
  • informing logical and optimal combination therapies, therapeutic sequences, or treatment regimens;
  • developing strategies to prevent or treat metastatic disease;
  • identifying markers of response, resistance, or risk of recurrence or death;
  • improving prevention and early detection strategies by understanding the biological basis for melanoma formation or developing new diagnostic approaches.

Funding & Duration

Awards are worth up to USD $75,000 (approx. AUD $102,000) each per year, for three years.


Primary Investigators (PIs) must be within four years of their first independent, with a full-time academic faculty appointment at the level of assistant professor or equivalent or above, at an academic or other non-profit research institution within or outside the US.

They must have a mentor who is an established investigator, based at the same institution.

Scientists employed by government agencies may serve as co-investigators or collaborators, but may not be PIs.

Submission Requirements & Due Dates

Other Schemes within this Program

Further Information

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