Chan Zuckerberg Initiative: Request for Applications – Seed Networks for the Human Cell Atlas

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, on behalf of the Human Cell Atlas (HCA) and in partnership with the Helmsley Charitable Trust, invites applications for its seed networks. These support the growth of a community of researchers working to create a reference map of organ cells, excluding gut components.

The programme has the following goals:

  • build and support networks of collaborating scientists and engineers;
  • contribute high-quality data to the first version of the HCA;
  • develop new technologies and benchmark data sets, particularly those anchored in spatial and molecular information;
  • support of computational biology within the HCA community.

Funding & Duration

Funding amount not specified. The award period is 3 years.


Applications must be submitted by a consortium of at least three PIs, at least one of which is a computational biologist or software engineer. PIs must hold an independent faculty position or equivalent at an accredited college, university, medical school or other research facility, including non-profit organisations, public and private institutions, units of state and local government or agencies of the federal government, either in the US or abroad.

Early-career investigators are strongly encouraged.

Women and underrepresented minorities are strongly encouraged to apply.

Collaboration members are not required to be from different institutions.

Submission Requirements & Due Date

Submissions open 18 September 2018.

Further Information

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