Australian Rotary Health: Postdoctoral Fellowship

The specific aims of the Australian Rotary Health Postdoctoral Fellowship are:

  • To develop and support an Australian Postdoctoral scientist with a strong commitment to research in mental health; and
  • To develop research capacity in the field of mental health.


The Fellowship is awarded to a maximum of $75,000 per annum and is subject to income tax.

Funding may only be used towards the salary of the Postdoctoral Fellow, and may not be used towards projects costs.


Applicants must be an Australian Citizen, have Australian Permanent Resident Status, or New Zealand Citizen, and not be under bond to any foreign government

The Fellow will have the following skill base:

  • PhD awarded in an appropriate discipline within the past 3 YEARS full time equivalent. Applicants must have confirmation of successful completion prior to short-listed interviews, which take place on the 25th and 26th October 2017. Interviews will not be offered to anyone not likely to meet this deadline.
  • Be actively engaged in a field of research related to mental health, specifically the prevention of mental illness.

The Australian Rotary Health Postdoctoral Fellow is expected to conceive of and carry out research independently or as part of a team of researchers. The Fellow is expected to make independent and original contributions to research and to continue to develop relevant research expertise and leadership.

Submission Requirements & Due Date

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