National Geographic Society: Grant Applications – Early Career, Exploration, and Requests for Proposals

All proposed projects submitted to National Geographic should be bold, innovative, and potentially transformative and have a primary focus in conservation, education, research, storytelling, or technology. Projects should also align to one of the Society’s three focus areas.

Three grants are being offered in 2018: Early Career Grants, Exploration Grants, and Requests for Proposals.

Early Career Grants

Early Career Grants are designed to offer less experienced individuals an opportunity to lead a project.

  • Funding & Duration: Up to USD $10,000 (approx. AUD $14,000) for no more than one calendar year
  • Eligibility: Applicants must be at least 18 years old at the time of application submission. See also General Eligibility.

Exploration Grants

An Exploration Grant application is a request for funding by an experienced project leader in the areas of conservation, education, research, storytelling, and technology.

  • Funding & Duration: Up to USD $30,000 (approx. AUD $42,000) for no more than one calendar year
  • Eligibility: General Eligibility applies.

Requests for Proposals

As part of supporting a planet in balance, National Geographic offers Exploration grants that concentrate on certain key issues. Applicants may propose projects focused in conservation, education, research, storytelling, or technology in response to the special Requests for Proposals (RFPs).

  • Funding & Duration: Please see specific RFP pages for funding levels and acceptable project duration.
  • Eligibility: General Eligibility applies.

Submission Requirements & Due Date

Further Information

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