Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE): Project Access (Tier-0), Call 18

This call enables researchers to access high-performance computing facilities to conduct large-scale projects. The call is aimed at projects using code that has been previously tested and that demonstrate application performance and scalability on the PRACE systems required, or that demonstrate a requirement for ensemble simulations that need a very large amount of central processing unit time overall.

Available systems are:

  • Joliot Curie – SKL, with Bull Sequana X1000 architecture, based in France;
  • Joliot Curie – KLN, Bull Sequana X1000, based in France;
  • Juwels, with Bull Sequana X1000, based in Germany;
  • Marconi-Broadwell, with Lenovo System architecture, based in Italy;
  • Marconi-KLN, with Lenovo System architecture, based in Italy;
  • MareNostrum, with Lenovo System architecture, based in Spain;
  • Piz Daint, with Cray XC50 System architecture, based in Switzerland; and
  • SuperMUC, with Lenovo ThinkSystem architecture, based in Germany.


Scientists and researchers from academia, public research organisations, and industry may apply. Industrial applicants must demonstrate that they have their head offices or substantial R&D activity in Europe.

Submission Requirements & Due Date

Further Information

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