Lennart ‘Aktiestinsen’ Israelsson Foundation for Individual and Society: Basic Research Grants

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences invites applications for grants from the Lennart Aktiestinsen Israelsson’s Foundation for the individual and society. These support basic research that benefits the education system.

The research is expected to:

  • generate scientifically-based knowledge of individual development;
  • be based upon individual’s function and development in a lifelong perspective, as an integrated psychological, biological and social being in a changing world;
  • consider how knowledge about individual development from this perspective is decisive in designing an education system that promotes society’s cultural, social, economic and technological progress, just as it respects each individual’s needs and circumstances.

Funding & Duration

The total budget is SEK 1.5M (approx. AUD $235,000). Grants may cover the costs of salary, equipment, travel to conferences and workshops, research, hosting researchers, and publishing costs.


There is no restriction on the nationality of the applicant, although preference is given to research linked to a Swedish scientific institution.

Submission Requirements & Due Date

Further Information

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