US Department of Energy: Office of Science – Financial Assistance Programme

The US Department of Energy’s Office of Science invites applications for its financial assistance programme. This supports research in the physical sciences that may provide scientific discoveries and major scientific tools to transform the understanding of nature and advance the energy, economic and national security of the US. Funding supports work in the following programme areas:

  • advanced scientific computing research;
  • basic energy sciences;
  • biological and environmental research;
  • fusion energy sciences;
  • high energy physics;
  • nuclear physics.

Funding & Duration

The total budget for the fiscal year 2018 is USD $250M (approx. AUD $350M), covering approximately 300 awards worth between USD $2,000 and $4M each (approx. AUD $2,800 and $5.65M).

Awards are made for a project period between six months and five years.


Submission Requirements & Due Date

Further Information

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