Medical Research Future Fund (and NHMRC): International Clinical Trial Collaborations (ICTC) Grant Opportunity

This competitive grant opportunity will provide support for Australian research teams to conduct clinical trial research in collaboration with international counterparts. Applications to this grant opportunity must propose a single clinical trial that will achieve the following outcomes: promote Australian involvement in international collaborative investigator-initiated clinical trials research through the establishment and co ordination of clinical trial site/s in Australia; and provide high-quality evidence of the effectiveness of novel health treatments, drugs or devices in ‘usual care’ settings, which will support a decision on whether to deliver the intervention in an Australian setting. Novel health treatments include new and innovative applications of existing interventions.

Funding & Duration

Up to $4.2M over four years will be available for each Peer Review Cycle. Up to two grants may be selected for funding from the ICTC Merit List at the conclusion of each Peer Review Cycle.

Eligible Grant Activities

The following categories must be used in your proposed budget:

  • Equipment
  • Personnel (personnel support packages)
  • Other Direct Research Costs (DRCs).

Grant Eligibility Criteria

Please refer to the ICTP Grant Guidelines [via GrantConnect] for details.

Submission Requirements & Due Dates

Dates for ICTC 18.1 (year 2018 round 1):

Further Information

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