Consumer Policy Research Centre: Research Project Grants

Research Project Grants have been established to facilitate evidence-based and interdisciplinary research within significant and emerging topic areas determined annually by Consumer Policy Research Centre.

In 2018/19, CPRC welcomes Expressions of Interest from research teams investigating the following research areas:

Choice for Older Australians in Consumer Markets

Older Australians often experience a number of barriers to accessing, assessing and acting on information about products and services. With a rising number of companies shifting to online communications, comparisons and support information, this can present significant challenges for older consumers who may be digitally excluded, or are experiencing major and stressful life-changes.

Research grants support a field experiment from a consortium of researchers exploring the lived experience of older Australian consumers in exercising choice in product and service markets.

Expressions of Interest for projects that develop a statistically significant, evidence-based analysis of the barriers and challenges for older Australians in exercising choice. The project could be across several markets or focused on one single market. The quantification and articulation of the impact of consumer interactions with information, platforms, intermediaries, products or providers will be central to the project. Supplementary analysis around policy and regulatory implications is also welcome.

Information Disclosure in the Housing Market

Housing is the single biggest share of wallet expenditure item for Australian households. While other product and service markets have undergone reform to product disclosure information, housing remains one sector where consumers are not afforded these higher levels of transparency.

CPRC seeks Expressions of Interest from research teams exploring information disclosure and informed choice in housing markets (this could be across a range of tenure types).

Projects may explore legal and policy frameworks locally and internationally, what sorts of information consumers want and need when it comes to housing options, or how the presentation of this information may influence choice and decision-making.


Projects from each category are funded at up to $50,000.

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