Science Foundation Ireland: Discover Programme – Opportunistic Funding Mechanism

This supports and develops STEM education and public engagement sector in the Republic of Ireland by investing in, developing and extending activity and ability in this area, and exploring and encouraging novel means of engaging the public. Projects must address the goal to have an engaged and scientifically informed public in the Republic of Ireland.


Funding is worth up to €50,000 (approx AUD $). Matched funding must be demonstrated if greater funds are requested.


Applications are welcomed from a wide range of people and organisations, including: mediators and practitioners of science communication; STEM festival organisers; science centres, museums and other cultural attractions; artists; educators; professionals and academics in STEM; arts agencies; production companies; schools; local authorities; universities and colleges; youth clubs; community groups; research institutes. Partnership projects between different people and organisations are welcomed. Applications from outside of the Republic of Ireland are welcomed but projects must engage with a target audience in the Republic of Ireland.

Submission Requirements

Applications may be submitted at any time.

Further Information

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