Victoria Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning: Alpine Geotechnical Risk assessment 2018-2020

The Victoria Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning invites tenders for an alpine geotechnical risk assessment. The tenderer will provide a geotechnical portfolio risk assessment relevant to each of the four alpine resort management boards, covering the six alpine resorts and the portfolio as a whole.

The assessment will allow the department and individual boards to understand, manage and prioritise their geotechnical risk profile as it relates to land stability and risk to life.

Quantitative and qualitative descriptors will be generated along with indicative costings for any necessary remedial works

Tender No. & Further Information

Delivery Timeframe

  • The project commences on 17 December 2018 and will be completed by 30 April 2020.

Closing Date & Time

  • RFT closes at 2.00pm (AEDT, Victoria) on Thursday 22 November 2018

Need Help with a Submission?

  • Please contact¬†Valerie Morris, Business Partnership Manager (Health & Sciences) for assistance.
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