University of Melbourne (Faculty of Sciences): David Syme Research Prize 2019

A donation was made by David Syme of Melbourne in 1904 for the foundation of an annual prize to be given for the best original research work produced in Australia during the preceding two years in Biology, Physics, Chemistry, or Geology.

Preference is given to original research of value to the industrial and commercial development of Australia.


Eligible for nomination are researchers associated with any Australian university and researchers without university connections, subject to the following:

  • Professors or researchers who will have attained a level of seniority comparable to a university professor (Level E) at the time the award is made are NOT eligible for nomination;
  • Researchers outside universities who have attained a level of seniority comparable to a university professor at the time the award is made (Level E) are not eligible for nomination;
  • Nominees must have spent a minimum of five full years out of the last seven years in Australia to be eligible.
  • The research presented must have been produced in Australia during the past two years (1 January 2017 – 31 December 2018. However, the nomination may include research results or publications accepted up to the award closing date of 29 April 2019 if the information is considered vital to the nomination.

Value of the Award


Nomination Process

Senior members of the academic or research community such as co-authors or co-researchers, heads of department, or deputy vice-chancellors (research) are invited to nominate eligible colleagues who they believe would make worthy recipients of the award. The award is made on the basis of the research quality within the discipline and its likely impact and value in the industrial and commercial interests of Australia.

Submission Requirements & Due Date

Nominations of candidates must be submitted directly to the sponsor by 29 April 2019.

Please contact Dale Godfrey if you wish to discuss your nomination.

It is advised that candidates update their University of Adelaide Researcher Profile page prior to nomination.

Further Information

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