Government of the Netherlands: Dutch Fund for Climate and Development

This scheme supports projects that are relevant to climate action and development, and carried out in developing countries. The goal is to achieve climate-resilient economic growth, and projects should be aimed at combating climate change and enabling people to adapt to climate change. Projects must relate to the following sectors:

  • access to renewable, non-fossil energy for households, transport and businesses;
  • sustainable land use and resilient ecosystems;
  • water security;
  • food security.

Projects should seek to maximise impact on gender equality

Funding & Duration

Projects are funded at between €1m and €10M (approx. AUD $1.6M and $15.7M) per project, over a period of eight years.


Dutch and non-Dutch organisations with a track record in the area of climate change and international finance may apply, individually or in consortia. Projects must take place in a developing country on the OECD’s Development Assistance Committee list. Projects supporting the most vulnerable countries and groups are encouraged. A minimum of 50 per cent, and preferably 65 per cent, of the fund should go towards adaptation projects.

Submission Requirements & Due Date

Further Information

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