Negotiation Course for Research Engagement

New 2 day course for the University of Adelaide’s academic and professional staff

Executive Education has worked with Adelaide Enterprise to design a brand new course aimed at the needs of the University’s researchers and supporting professional staff.

It aims to upskill those involved in developing research partnerships and negotiating industry engagements, in the key areas of building confidence, strategic thinking and how to negotiate with the needs of the academic, the University, and the value to the client or partner.

Why should the University’s professional and research staff take this course?

  • Tailored, relevant development opportunity applicable for professional and personal development.
  • Next step for Faculty researchers whom have recently undertaken the Developing Positive Partnerships program in 2018 (a 2019 course is also currently being scheduled).
  • Ability to engage with staff across the University to build networks and future collaboration opportunities.
  • The course will be tailored to the individual needs of the participant cohort, and delivered by David Pender, experienced negotiation and knowledge transfer expert who teaches in to the Adelaide MBA.

Course Overview

  • When: 2 days, scheduled twice for 2019 (27 & 28 February | 13 & 14 June)
  • Cost: $875.00 per participant, and includes all materials and catering.
  • No. of Participants: 16 – 24 participants per course.


Key Learning areas



  • Develop a detailed understanding of your own research and strategic objectives when planning a collaboration or contract.
  • Understand the key components that are important for you to gain or maintain in a commercial arrangement (eg.your continued freedom to operate and funding for your area)
  • Develop a detailed understanding of the other party’s needs.
  • Understand the vital role of information, communication, time and power in successful negotiations.
  • Explore the most effective negotiation styles and the situations in which they are best used.
Value Proposition and Price
  • Understand the concept of competitive neutrality within the contract valuing and pricing process and negotiation.
  • Develop the value proposition of the offering by considering the financial and non-financial benefits and costs are in delivering the agreement.
  • Understand the market value of research to assist informing pricing and value proposition.
  • Consider your competitive advantage in the market and how to best articulate it in your negotiation and proposal.


Please contact Mel Winter ( with attendees and dates.

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