ORCiD HDR Competition Outcome

Your ORCiD (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) is the digital identifier which distinguishes you from every other researcher and helps people to find your work.

Entrants in the 2018 ORCiD competition (and their supervisors) created and registered an ORCiD with the University of Adelaide.

Congratulations to the winners, who were randomly selected by Professor Mike Liebelt on December 14 and have each won a $500 Travel/ Professional Development Grant jointly funded by the University Library and the Division of Research & Innovation.


  • Denvar Summers (Supervisor: Dr Aspa Sarris)
  • Jirayus Jiarpakeee (Supervisor:  Dr Markus Wagner)
  • Maki Hammond (Supervisor:  Dr Shoko Yoneyama)
  • Sam Hutchinson (Supervisor: Professor Garrett Cullity)
  • Susan Straub (Supervisor: Professor Helen Winefield)
  • Trevor Smith (Supervisor:  Dr Jonathan Opie)
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