Advanced Health Research and Translation Centres (AHRTCs) – Call for NHMRC accreditation


The aim of the Advanced Health Research and Translation Centres (AHRTC) initiative is to encourage leadership and collaboration in health research and translation and promote the development and use of innovative and evidence-based models of health care practices and policies.

To encourage this, NHMRC, through its AHRTC initiative, wishes to identify and celebrate exemplars of outstanding collaboration that demonstrably:

  • excel in research and the translation of evidence into excellent patient care, including for the most complex cases
  • have a strong research and translation focus in the education of researchers and health professionals
  • share knowledge to strengthen research and translation capacity and extend the scale and reach of evidence implementation for better and consistent health care
  • have strong connections to communities, consumers and health professionals and their health and research priorities, and
  • have governance and processes in place to support a self-improving health system to achieve broad and sustained impacts.

Apply for NHMRC Accreditation

NHMRC’s AHRTC initiative provides accreditation of such exemplars.

To achieve recognition as an AHRTC, groups are required to demonstrate competitiveness at the highest international level.

The AHRTC initiative is not a funding initiative, nor is it designed to achieve total geographic coverage in Australia. Through accreditation, NHMRC is recognising the value of leadership and excellence in research, translation, collaboration, and the training of health professionals in an evidence-based environment, at international levels of excellence.

NHMRC invites submissions from groups seeking NHMRC accreditation as an AHRTC.

Who can Apply?

NHMRC will accept submissions from partnerships across research, translation, health care and training, co-located, clustered or integrated by demonstrable mechanisms that are seeking NHMRC accreditation as a AHRTC. The partners of a centre will share a vision, strategy and clarity of purpose, and be performing at the highest levels of international practice.

Due Date for Submissions

Submissions must be emailed to by 8pm AEDT, Monday, 18 March 2019

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