Australian Institute of Sport (AIS): Research Channels in Computational Fluid Dynamics, and Generative Artificial Intelligence

As part of its strategic drive to solve performance problems on the frontiers of ethical performance via applied research, technology and innovation, the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) is seeking to establish two Research Channels in the areas of:

  • Generative Artificial Intelligence; and
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics.

The Research Channels seek more than answering performance related questions in high performance sport. As part of this endeavour, the AIS would like to grow new capabilities, including people that will deliver those capabilities to high performance sport in the future. The recruitment of PhDs and Post Docs are therefore welcomed as part of the submission.

It is anticipated that these Research Channels will deliver new people, new products and new services in the three to five year timeframe.

The endeavours of the Research Channel will be reflective of Australia, as a smart nation, seeking to be competitive within the context of intense international competition.

Applicants to Research Channel Submissions are encouraged to read the Guiding Principles of each proposed Research Channel before making their submission.


Submission Requirements & Due Date

  • Applications must be submitted by 22 February 2019

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