SA State Government – Department for Industry and Skills: Research, Commercialisation and Startup Fund (RCSF)

The $28M Department for Industry and Skills (DIS) Research, Commercialisation and Startup Fund (RCSF) is to contribute to economic growth by supporting collaboration between enterprise, researchers and universities and the commercialisation of new products and services, building research and research infrastructure capability in South Australia through increased investment and encourage the establishment and growth of startups. RCSF supports researchers, entrepreneurs and businesses to accelerate their progress with funding from the South Australian Government.

The RCSF comprises three competitive funding streams.

Stream 1: Strategic Research Initiatives*

Supports research initiatives that will create innovative solutions or translate research into industry or commercial outcomes that address economy-wide challenges for South Australia. This could include (but is not limited to):

  • Initiatives that leverage investment to build R&D capabilities in South Australia from Commonwealth Government programs (eg CRCs, ARC COE, NHMRC Partnerships, MRFF)
  • Initiatives that leverage investment into South Australia from national research organisations (eg CSIRO, DSTG, Rural R&D Corporations)
  • Support for consortia to address research challenges of strategic importance and critical need for South Australia
  • Supporting research into the South Australian financial services sector (and encouraging interdisciplinary research)
  • Novel research translation and commercialisation initiatives or platforms

Applicants will need to provide matched funding at least equal to the grant amount sought from the RCSF. In-kind funding may be considered as matched funding, but preference will be given to proposals that include a financial contribution.

Calls for proposals to address specific initiatives will be announced with details of timing and funding to be specified with each round.

Further requirements for funding including the amount of funding available will be detailed in each call for proposals.

  • Minimum grant: $50,000
  • Maximum grant: $2,000,000
  • Maximum project duration: Four years

Stream 2: Startup and Early Stage Company Incentive

Provides entrepreneurs with funding to start and scale their innovative early-stage business.

  • Grant amount: Minimum $100,001 up to $1,000,000
  • Matched funding: 1:1 (at least 50% provided by investors)
  • Applicant: Founder and Investor(s)
  • Sub-stream Specific Criteria: Signed investor agreement

Stream 3: Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ecosystem Initiatives*

Supports programs, events and activities that have broad benefit to the startup community.

  • Minimum grant: $20,000
  • Department for Industry and Skills
  • Maximum grant: $500,000
  • Matched funding: Determined on a case-by-case basis
  • Maximum project duration: Three years

 * Stream 1 and 3 – Calls for proposals to address specific initiatives will be announced with details of timing and funding to be specified from time to time. Funding is awarded on a competitive basis.

Application process

  1. Applicants to all Streams should submit an Expression of Interest to the Department using the online form.
  2. If you are submitting an Expression of Interest for Stream 1 – please also send an email to with your project title and lead investigator name and the purpose of your funding request.
  3. If you receive an indication from the Department that you should complete a Full Application, and you wish to apply for University co-funding, please follow the instructions on our website

Further Information

Application Instructions – Research Services Website

Research, Commercialisation and Startup Fund 

Need Help?

Stream 1: Strategic Research Initiatives

Contact the Sciences, Engineering, Arts and Professions Faculties (SEAP grants team) in the first instance.

Stream 2: Startup and Early Stage Company Incentive (bootstrap, incubator or scale up support)


Stream 3: Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ecosystem Initiatives:


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