Griffith University: Information and Data Strategy & Operating Model Advice

Offers are invited by Griffith University for the provision of consultancy services to deliver an Information and Data Strategy and Operating Model Advice, as specified in the Initivation to Offer documentation.

The University is looking to implement a contract for the supply of information and data advisory services.

The ultimate objective of this engagement is to clearly define a University-wide vision and strategy for information use and protection, recognising information as a valuable or value-producing asset.

Griffith University wishes to ensure that:

  • Information and data enables the delivery of services and agility for the enterprise;
  • Information and data enables “digital first”;
  • Information and data outcomes address value creation/delivery, risk management and compliance; and
  • The University culture values information and data as strategic assets, and they are managed accordingly.

Tender No. & Further Information

Closing Date & Time

  • Wed, 6 March 2019 at 2pm Brisbane, Queensland

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