ARC Special Research Initiative in Excellence in Antarctic Science (SRIEAS) 2020

Applications are now open for the ARC Special Research Initiative in Excellence in Antarctic Science (SRIEAS) 2020.

Under the Australian Research Council (ARC) Special Research Initiatives scheme, the Australian Government will support the Special Research Initiative in Excellence in Antarctic Science (SRIEAS) for funding commencing in 2020.

Up to $56 million in total funding for up to seven years, will be available to support a range of research projects.

The objectives of the SRIEAS grant opportunity are to:

  1. support excellent research in identified Australian Antarctic science priority research themes;
  2. contribute to a coordinated and collaborative approach to Antarctic, Subantarctic and Southern Ocean research that builds on Australia’s existing capability in this area;
  3. build Australian research capacity in this area by supporting researchers of the highest international standing as well as high quality postdoctoral researchers and research students; and
  4. advance Australia’s capabilities and knowledge in Antarctic research.

Supporting Documents & Guidelines

Grant Opportunity Documents (including Guidelines) for Special Research Initiative in Excellence in Antarctic Science (SRIEAS) 2020 (GO2434) are available via GrantConnect

Please contact the SEAP team ( ASAP if you are considering applying for this scheme (we can provide template documents and other support material).

Key Dates

Activity Timing
Request not to assess – Research Services close 15 May 2019
Request not to assess – ARC Close 22 May 2019
Applications – Research Services Review* 22 May 2019
Applications – ARC Close** 5 June 2019

*Research Services Review Requirements

Please email the proposal PDF to by 22 May 2019 to enable Research Services to commence a review.

If the proposal arrives on or before this deadline, the team will perform a full review, providing formatting and editing advice as well as eligibility and compliance.

Proposals received after this date will receive an eligibility review as a minimum, and a full review only if resources allow.

**Submitting Completed Proposals to the ARC

Before your application can be submitted to the to the ARC via RMS, Research Services will need:

ARC Certification Proformas

  • In addition, the lead CI must obtain and retain the written agreement of all the relevant persons and organisations to allow the proposed Project to proceed as specified in the Funding Rules. This excludes the employing organisations of overseas Partner Investigators (PIs) and any participant’s current organisation which is not their relevant organisation for the Proposal.
  • Certifications are NOT required for the lead CI or the University of Adelaide (who both certify by means of the RFR).
  • Whilst the proforma states “The use of this proforma is not mandatory” the University of Adelaide as Administering Organisation is still required to obtain written evidence of all relevant persons and organisations necessary to allow the proposed Project to proceed. The specified format for collecting the written evidence for the University of Adelaide is the ARC certification proforma.
  • The lead CI is required to collect a signed proforma for each Chief Investigator and Partner Investigator, and retain them in the event that the ARC requests that they be produced at some point in the future.
  • Note: Please do not forward completed certifications to Research Services as they will not be retained.
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