Australian Academy of Science: Call for Diversity Candidates

The Australian Academy of Science is inviting research institutions to help identify diversity candidates, especially female scientists, for consideration for election into the Academy. As the Academy’s election rules require that candidates may only be proposed by its Fellows, the Academy will endeavour to find Fellows to nominate the diversity candidates (who meet the criteria for election) recommended for consideration.

Election Criteria

The primary criterion for election is scientific excellence, which may include either a ground-breaking contribution to science or a cohesive body of smaller contributions with clear impact. The Academy also elects a small number of Fellows by Special Election, recognising those who have rendered conspicuous service to the cause and advancement of science or demonstrated outstanding innovation or entrepreneurial spirit through the translation of the results of scientific research that have led to global impact and technological shift, and displayed exceptional, high profile leadership in industry.

Achievement is judged relative to opportunity to demonstrate excellence in science. Candidates must be Australian citizens (or permanent residents in Australia) and have an employment arrangement in Australia on a regular basis for at least half of the year. For recent arrivals to Australia, candidates should be a resident for two years and contributing to Australian science.

Nominating a Candidate

Diversity candidates may be suggested via the Fellowship Director, Karen Holt (by email to au) by 30 April 2019.

Please include the proposed candidate’s full name, email address, field/s of science and a brief statement (up to 150 words) on their scientific achievements. Suggestions will then be sent to one of our Fellows identified as a ‘Champion of Diversity’ in the relevant field/s of science, who will assess the candidate’s suitability and competitiveness for election. Candidates assessed as suitable for election will be contacted to discuss whether they would like to be nominated for Fellowship and then a suitable Fellow identified who agrees to put forward a nomination for the candidate by the end of August.

Further Information

If you have any questions about the criteria for election or the Fellowship nomination process, please do not hesitate to contact the Fellowship Director:

Karen Holt, Fellowship Director
T (02) 6201 9406

Should you wish to discuss a nomination with Research Services, please email

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