Australian Research Data Commons: Open Call for Data and Services Project Proposals

Australian research organisations, service providers and research groups that have a passion for data collections, capacity, capability and coherence, are invited to submit their project proposal to the ARDC.

Applications are open for funding under two programs:

  1. Transformative data collections
    • Project proposals for activities in any or all of these areas are invited –
      • Building or sustaining community ownership of a collection
      • Content strategy for transformative collection
      • Data standardisation in a transformative data collection
      • Models of institutional participation for a more sustainable national and community collection.
  2. Institutional role in a data commons
    • Project proposals for activities in any or all of these areas are invited –
      • Institutional data infrastructure, policies and procedures to support better research
      • Management of sensitive data
      • Integration of institutionally supported data infrastructure with national, discipline, and international infrastructure.

Funding & Duration

Projects of up to $50,000 and with a completion date of September 15 2019 are eligible for funding.

Submission Requirements & Due Date

Further Information

Need Help?

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