JDRF Australia: Principal Research Fellow – Population Screening Pilot

JDRF Australia is now searching for an outstanding Australian researcher, interested in leading a first-of-its kind, population-based type 1 diabetes (T1D) screening pilot in Australia. This pilot has the potential to create a profound impact within the T1D and medical community at large and is open to individuals looking to influence the future of T1D in Australia (and globally), through early detection, reducing complications and improving the lives of people with T1D.

Applicants for Principal Research Fellow may currently be in the field of Type 1 Diabetes research or completely external to it.

Funding & Duration

Funding of up to $1.3M for a period of 3 years, subject to sufficient funding being available and continued satisfactory progress. This includes:

  • Salary – Up to $600,000 for 3 years inclusive of on-costs (0.6 to 1 FTE and dependent on experience and qualifications);
  • Project Costs for Year 1 – Up to $20,000 for travel, supplies and other costs supporting Year 1 deliverables; and
  • Project Costs for Years 2 and 3 – Totalling up to $680,000 for costs such as personnel, travel and supplies, subject to approval of the Prevention Strategic Plan, Budget and Evaluation Framework by the JDRF Board.


All applications submitted in response to this RFA will only be eligible for funding if the application demonstrates that it meets the following eligibility criteria:

  • Once appointed, the fellow must be located at an Australian institution (e.g. an Australian university, college, hospital, laboratory, unit of state or local government, or an eligible Commonwealth government agency), and must legally reside predominantly in Australia for the duration of the pilot;
  • The applicant must have a doctoral degree (PhD, MD or equivalent) in a research discipline relevant to general population screening (e.g. clinical epidemiology, public health research,health policy, biostatistics, health economics)

Submission Requirements & Due Date

Further Information

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