Pfizer Global Medical Grants (GMG): Global Hemophilia ASPIRE Competitive Grants Program

Pfizer’s GMG competitive grant program involves a publicly posted Request for Proposal (RFP) that provides detail regarding a specific area of interest.

Projects that will be considered for Pfizer support in this program will focus on the following areas in Gene Therapy for Hemophilia A or B:

  • Basic Science of Gene Therapy for Hemophilia
  • Basic Science of TFPI & Anti-TFPI Monoclonal Antibodies
  • Patients with MILD Hemophilia A or B

Funding & Duration

Individual projects requesting up to US $125,000/year (approx. AUD $182,000) for 1 to 2 year projects will be considered. Pfizer anticipates awarding up to 2 grants.

Overhead rates of up to 28% of the total proposed project budget may be supported by Pfizer.


To be eligible:

  • Only organisations are eligible to receive grants, not individuals or medical practice groups.
  • The applicant (PI) must have a medical or postdoctoral degree (MD, PhD, or equivalent), an advanced nursing degree (BSN with a MS/PhD), or a degree in Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, or Social Work.
  • Applicant must be affiliated with a host institution

Submission Requirements & Due Date

Further Information

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