NHMRC: Reminder – Update Your Profile & CV on RGMS

This is a reminder that the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) of Australia, requires that all applicants’ Profile and CV details are accurate and current before submitting any funding application (see: Introduction to RGMS section 4.1 “The Importance of Your Profile and CV”). This is because RGMS CV information is used during peer review to assess grant applicants’ track records, and by the NHMRC when reviewing or evaluating funding schemes.

From 1 April 2015 the NHMRC ceased any obligation to complete a form for annual or mid-term progress reports for funded projects. The NHMRC now monitors the progress of grants or fellowships by checking researchers’ RGMS CVs and any applications for variations. Thus, the NHMRC expects Chief Investigators and Fellows on current projects to update their RGMS CV on an annual basis by the end of June each year. This includes linking outputs and outcomes to the relevant NHMRC grant ID which assisted production of the output.

We would therefore ask that you spend some time before June 30 to update your RGMS Profile and CV, especially making sure that your publication list is as current as possible. The NHMRC reminds CIs and Fellows that failure to complete keep information on RGMS current and submit any required variations may impact on current and future funding, until the obligation is fulfilled.

Further Information

If you have any questions about updating your RGMS Profile or CV, refer to section 4 of the Introduction to RGMS User Guide (PDF).

If you think you may need to request a variation in RGMS for your project, please see the NHMRC Vary Your Grant webpage or email for assistance.

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