NHMRC Notification of Intent (NOI): Submission Deadlines

Applicants planning to apply for the below NHMRC schemes are required to submit a Notification of Intent (NOI) in ResearchMaster 6 (RME6) to be reviewed by Research Services.

Completion of an NOI e-form is vitally important for Research Services to be able to disseminate relevant information to applicants. It also informs your Head of School of your intent to apply for schemes and the subsequent resources that may be requested as part of your application.

In addition, they are used by Research Services and Faculties to plan grant development strategies and support initiatives which may be available centrally (such as grant writers, externally funded grant strategists and other specialist advice) or Faculty grant support initiatives (as advised by your Faculty). This supports submission of the best quality applications possible and supports the University’s grant target aspirations.

NOI Deadlines

Friday 30 August 2019, for those anticipating applying to the following schemes:

Scheme Current Round
Outcomes Expected
Open Minimum Data Due Close
Investigator Grants Aug 2019 2 Oct 2019 30 Oct 2019 27 Nov 2019
Development Grants Aug 2019 23 Oct 2019 20 Nov 2019 11 Dec 2019

Friday 20 December 2019, for those anticipating applying to the following schemes:

Scheme Current Round
Outcomes Expected
Open Minimum Data Due Close
Synergy Grants Oct/Nov 2019 26 Feb 2020 25 Mar 2020 22 Apr 2020
Clinical Trials &
Cohorts (CTCS) Grants
Oct/Nov 2019 4 Mar 2020 1 Apr 2020 29 Apr 2020
Ideas Grants Oct/Nov 2019 11 Mar 2020 8 Apr 2020 6 May 2020

Note: Where applicants are considering applying to other NHMRC schemes not listed, or MRFF and other sponsors’ schemes, you are still strongly encouraged to submit an NOI before the scheme opens for applications.

Between the Research Services internal NOI deadline and the external scheme application open date, an NOI is no longer required and a Research Funding Request (RFR) e-form must be submitted instead. This allows your Head of School to sign off on your submission and, if successful, approve the establishment of the project in the School. If based on an earlier NOI for the same application, all previous information entered will flow through to the subsequent RFR. A completed RFR also ensures that an application appears on the investigator’s Individual Academic Profile (IAP).

NOI Submission Process

The NOI e-form is an internal process and is completed in the University’s ResearchMaster 6 (RME6) system. See the Quick Reference Guide for completing the NOI e-form.

Need Help?

If you have any questions regarding NHMRC schemes or assistance completing your NOI, please contact the Health Grants team:

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