City of Adelaide (the Council): Consultancy for Climate Change Risk Assessment Project

This Climate Change Risk Assessment will require the Consultant to understand climate change and the related impacts on local government operations, services and assets. The Consultant will undertake a climate change risk assessment, building upon previous climate risk assessments and adaptation planning to deliver an up-to-date assessment of the Council’s corporate exposure to climate change. This work will assume a full organisational perspective and the Consultant will inform and engage executive-level risk workshops and present the final report via workshops and elected member meetings.

The core deliverables are:

  • Develop and adapt climate risk inventory mapping tool
  • Climate-related risk assessment (utilising ISO 31000 methodology, informed by research, previous assessments and plans, surveys, interviews and desktop analysis)
  • Evaluation of operational intervention points, financial and legislative implications and adaptation measures (for management, oversight, planning and resource allocation)
  • Workshop finding with Strategic Risk and Internal Audit Group (SRIA) to provide organisational integration, prioritisation and oversight
  • PowerPoint Presentation and Final Report (proposed recommendations)
  • Guides and templates developed for sharing with SA local government community*
    *Dependent on third party funding

Tender No. & Further Information

Closing Date & Time

  • 24 September 2019

Need Help?

  • Please contact Sanjee Peiris (Business Partnership Specialist) for assistance with a submission.
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