GRDC: Matching adapted pulse genotypes with soil and climate to maximise yield and profit, with manageable risk in Australian cropping systems

The proposed work should focus on:

  1. Understanding the impact of different soil types and climate (including water availability and temperature relationships) on pulse growth, development and yield potential in cropping systems where they are currently grown across all GRDC regions.
  2. Evaluating the potential for expansion of pulse crops into non traditional areas that maximise resource capture of the farming systems across all GRDC regions.

Applicants are expected to deliver outputs nationally and are encouraged to apply as a consortium if required to ensure the co-ordinated and cost-effective delivery of outputs across the country. It is expected representatives will actively engage across the pulse RD and E spectrum, to culture a framework that facilitates reciprocal communication leading to improved outcomes for growers. It is acknowledged a series of separate investments will be required to achieve the expected outcome.

The proposed work should not duplicate investments GRDC has with state partnerships.

Submission Requirements & Due Date

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